HegwoodGroup Property Tax Consultants

Wouldn't it be nice?

We all know money doesn't grow on trees. Our goal is to help you keep your hard earned dollars throughout the year by reducing and managing your property tax expense. In fact, if we can't reduce your property taxes, then our services are free.

Texas Property Tax Consultants

The Hegwood Group is committed to providing a full range of real estate and business property tax consulting services to its clients. Our dedicated team of property tax consultants works hard to find the best tax solution for our customers. We strive and work aggressively to solve the property tax issues of our clients.

A Professional Approach to Property Tax Appeals

At the Hegwood Group, our consultants combine their individual skills and expertise which enables them to effectively handle ad valorem tax appeals for a variety of property types. We work hard to keep the annual property tax expense as low as possible for our clients in Texas. Whether it is a property tax issue at a personal level or at a business level, our experts are always ready to efficiently handle and manage all of your tax concerns.

Property Tax Compliance

In addition to property tax appeals, the property tax consultants at the Hegwood Group can assist with property tax filing services and compliance. Our core competency is reducing and managing the property tax expense for our clients, while minimizing the cost. Whether you're a large corporation, small business owner, or real estate investor, we can help.

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We Promise Results

While we can't completely eliminate your property taxes, we can control and reduce this yearly expense.